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Q: you are literally the most talented person in the whole universe,wow

hahah aww i am far from it, but i do suppose it is somewhat subjective, either way i am glad you think so, thank you very much you lovely lil blossom♡♡♡

asked by godbless-souvlakia
Q: Is there anything you have trouble drawing, or can't draw that well?

i’d like to think i can draw everything at least somewhat decently, especially if i have some sort of reference to draw from u kno, but sometimes i think i can’t draw anything haha, that being said FEET!!!! i dont know why, its so frustrating, but i have trouble ALWAYS, that and i have trouble with perspective like if i’m drawing like a room or buildings~

asked by Anonymous
Q: Do you like glitter?

i think we all know the answer to that question hahh

asked by Anonymous
Q: Would you be okay with someone using one of your pictures as a tattoo as long as they asked permission?? 💖

i would be more than okay with it, it really means a lot to me!  i just ask that individuals show me when its done♥ ♥

asked by Anonymous
Q: wow wow wow wow!! all of your work is so amazing and so inspiring! i am definitely going to get one or many of your marvelous pieces tattooed some day!! soooooo lovely <3_<3

thank you, thank you,thankyou!!! aw lil poppy petal you are so magnificent, i would absolutely lovvveee to see if you ever get around to getting something done! *❤*゚ ゜゚*❤*゚ ゜゚*❤*゚

asked by stilliw0nder
Q: If someone wants a duplicate sticker what do u do

just re draw it

asked by Anonymous
Q: Your stuff is really great :D

thank you!! you’re really great! ❤

asked by dreamabcde
Q: What paper do you draw on??

i draw on lots of things, sometimes its whatever i can get my hands on, i drew on coloured envelopes recently, all pictures that are stickers are on sticker paper, however the majority of my drawings are on canson mixed media paper~

asked by Anonymous
Q: How does your sticker process go? You dont remake the same image over and over right

i just draw/paint them directly on sticker paper~all my stickers are one of a kind, unless i get a request to make an exact duplicate design, none of them are the same~

asked by Anonymous
Q: You have the most creative, trippy, and all together lovely art I've seen. Keep doing what your doing, because you're doin it right! ✌️

aw i am so glad you think so! thank you so verymuch♥ ♥ ♥

asked by itsjustmeandthecats
Q: Love this artwork but im shocked how you make yellow work for you. It seems that when i draw with yellow medium it smudges or looks really bad with darker colors next to it.. How do you do such wonderful magic o.o

hmm interesting, i never really thought about it, i feel as if i tend to disregard most colouring and art “rules” maybe that has something to do with it, i really don’t know haha, but thank you! this artwork loves you too♡

asked by Anonymous