♥formerly aspartamee ♥ open for commissions♥
Q: Love ur artwork..I love artsy, trippy stuff like urs. Very inspiring!!

my artwork loves you too! thank you veryveryyyyyy much  ♥ ♥ ♥

asked by gypsygirl689
Q: Goddamn just found your tumblr and I'm so obsessed by your rad artworks you really inspire me for ap art class. You're great

you are such a lovely being, i am very glad you have found some inspiration,  thank you sososo much! ♥ ♥

asked by lynnyangg
Q: hi, just found your stuff. absolutely amazing <3

thank you very much! i am so glad you enjoy♥

asked by darsyn
Q: I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your work!!

thank you so much!! my work adores you♥

asked by rainydaydance
Q: how? just how? your art is everything that I want to but cannot create. it's just that any time I try to make something original, I panic about how bad I am at it :[[ I'm infinitely envious, honestly. but I'm sure glad you exist.

gahh you are so very sweet, but aw i wish you didn’t feel that way, i am sure you can make absolutely wonderful things and i highly doubt you are “bad” at it, it makes me sad when individuals get so worked up over their art, i mean sure all artists can always work to improve and evolve as a creator, and that comes with practice and such, but i like to think that there is no such thing as “bad” with art, like who is to decide whats good and whats bad you know, its so subjective, and certianly being stressed about it wont get you anywhere positive, i know it can be tricky but just have fun with it, make what you want to, something different, unique, try not to worry about making it look like something so particular, like think of all the different kinds of art out there!  besides i am sure you are capable of things i could never dream of doing, and posses things i would quite envious of, i hope you continue to create things, don’t get discouraged, you are amazing, i’m glad you exist too ♥ ♥

asked by whimsypunk