Your last 3 works (moth girl, sparkly insides, and spore girl) have been particularly flawless and magical! Love you!

aww thank you so very much darling petal! it means a lot coming from you, i truly appreciate it! love you more! ❤

+Follow *-* perfect here!

thank you! you are so very sweet♡

lovely work on your recent spores piece! It's my phone wallpaper for this semester's much needed inspiration :)) xx

aw you are so wonderful, thank you so much sweetpea! i am very glad you enjoy♥ ♥ ♥

For your rainbow blending kind of techniques & art what products do u use!! Ps ur sooo talented!!

thank you muchly! i’m working on an updated tutorial/list what tools i use so keep an eye out for that~ i use allll sorts of things, however the majority of my work is drawn with fine or ballpoint pens, and coloured with a mix of watercolour and coloured pencil, i like mixing my mediums and working with lots of things, maker, crayons, acrylic, tempera paint, rainbows and fairy dust! ❤

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You are incredibly wonderful with your art<3 I've been following you for years.. Who are some of your favourite artists?

awww you are so immensely lovely, thank you so so sooo much, i really truly appreciate it!! ! well, my all time favourite artist is ~mother nature~ haha but some of the human artists i fancy most are shok-1, jenny saville, bruce pennington, aubrey beardsly, oliver hibert, john tenniel, egon schiele, john brosio, chloe early, alex pardee, josef frank, toshio saeki, gustave dore, fuco ueda, spencer tunick, marijke koger, peter max, zdzisław beksiński, boris vallejo, jessica harrison, brian froud, arthur rackham, fred butler, lisa frank, pip & pop [tanya schultz], jeff soto, gillbert williams, scott hove, charlie immer, tim walker, jeff bark, bart hess, desire obtain cherish, alex grey, umm whenever i get asked that i always feel like i’m forgetting a bunch but there’s a lil collection that comes to mind❤

If i wanted to sell on esty do you have to do all the mailing and such? Just wondering sorry if that sounds stupid

haha no worries, i don’t have an etsy but i do have a storenvy which is like basically the same thing, but to answer your question, yes you do~ i’m not sure what  goodies you’re looking to sell but there are websites like society6 where you can have your artwork or photographs made into prints or be printed on other things like shirts, mugs, phone cases etc, they keep part of what you are paid when people purchase things, but they do all the printing and shipping for you~ hopefully that helps, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

idk yetidk yet
Would you mind if I got some of your art tattooed on me?

i would not mind at all! all i ask is that you pretty please show me when its done❤

Do you have an Instagram ?


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Could you maybe post a before and after portrait? I would really lovvee to see that.

well, there are work in progress shots if you check under /tagged/portrait umm sorry, like maybe i’m just dumb, haha but could you possibly specify what you’re referring to?

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I don't understand how someone can be so talented

waaah you are so very wonderful, thank you so so so much♡♡

you are a perfect human being thank you so much for existing

aw i’m really no where near perfect, but haha i’m glad you think so, i really needed this, thank you for existing and sending me such a lovely message ily♥